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Crazy Coronavirus Purchase

Corona Crazy, and no I do not mean from the bear. The Coronavirus is really starting to get to me and my family and the purchases we are making are showing it. Fortunately, for us we have been able to keep our jobs and the lack of traveling to work is actually letting us save a little money. The bit of extra cash has allowed my husband to talk me into a rather strange purchase.

A little bit about us first. We moved to the country a few years ago and have roughly three acres of land. Besides the extra mowing required, thanks hubby, there really has not been a whole lot of difference to our lifestyle. The extra peace and quiet has been nice but we have not really :gone country” . Not until now at least.

Enter The ATV

A kiddo on an ATV

My husband has been talking about getting our family some ATV’s but I have been unsure, especially with smaller kids. The other day, I let him convince me though. We were driving home and there was a family out riding and it looked like so much fun. I did some research on riding safety and what gear we would need and told him I was in. Just as long as everyone was wearing full protection when riding.

So we started shopping for ATV’s and soon landed on the Honda ATV website. Not the cheapest ones out there but they definitely have a reputation for quality. 2 kids ATV’s and 2 Full sized adult ATV’s which added up to about 18,000 dollars after taxes. Ouch, but we are Corona Crazy afterall.

Still, that is a bit over our budget so we took a look at some of the cheaper versions. Turns out that we can get some cheaper Tao brand ATV’s for about half of the price which seemed like the way to go, until I thought a little harder. Why spend that kind of money on something that is probably going to break or require constant maintenance?

Financing The ATV’s

Normally I would not want to finance something besides a house or a car, but we really wanted these ATV’s and we only have about 10,000 dollars at our disposal. We might have been able to find them used but then that could just open up a big can of worms. So, enter the idea of simply financing Honda 4 wheelers. It was a very attractive idea.

We got a quote and then weighed the option. Have a bit of a payment, buy used ATV’s or buy cheaply made Four Wheelers. Not wanting to just be buying a headache, I grudgingly accepted the financing.

With financing in hand, we headed down to our local Powersports dealer and picked out our new toys. The hubby and the kids had no problem finding theirs but they did not have mine in the color that I wanted. The dealer located my color at another dealer a few hundred miles away and agreed to transfer it for no cost.

Hurray. Only problem is that we have to wait a few days to get them. We wanted to wait until we had them all to take them home so, they should be here after the weekend. Can’t wait. Ill be sure to share as soon as I get them.

Corona Craziness

So, what about you. How have you gone Corona Crazy? Let me know so that I do not feel alone.

5 Fun Kids Activities

If you have kids, you know that part of the battle is keeping them busy. A bored kid is no good for anyone. They will just get into trouble and, quite frankly, annoy their parents to death. So, let’s keep those kids busy. Here are a few ideas to do just that.

Easy sidewalk chalk project for kids.

  1. Paper Towel Rockets
    An old paper towel tube can be the base of the rocket. Then you simply use a piece of construction paper to form the cone nose and let your kids go crazy decorating. Paint stripes, shapes or even flames on the side. Then, let them run around the house flying their new toy rocket.
    This is a great little project because it is time consuming, let’t them get out creativity and energy. To top it all off, it is cheap.
  2. Paper Plate Music Makers
    Take a paper plate and fill it with dry beans or rice. Now glue or tape another paper plate n top of it and you have music makers. This project is fun, easy and it lets your kids do one of their favorite things, make noise.
    While helping your kids make noise might not seem like the brightest moves, it has some advantages. The noise from these makers is more of a white noise and you can tune it out much easier thank many other kid sounds.
  3. Garden Stepping Stones
    On the surface, this might sound difficult, but it is not. You can find 1×1 concrete garden stepping stones for around a buck a piece at home improvement stores. You then get some basic paint and water it down a bit. Watering it down will allow it to penetrate the porous stone and leave some texture on the surface. That will make them suitable as stepping stones because they will not be slick.
    Once you have all of your supplies, simply put the kids in some old clothes and let them do their painting in the yard. They get to have fun and you get some memories for your garden.
  4. Personal Planters
    Teaching your children about the life of plants is always a great idea. Start with a custom planter. Purchase a few small Terracotta planters, some brushes and paints.
    Let your child or children paint the planter as they see fit and then, once dry, fill it with potting soil. Then allow them to choose one of several seeds from the home improvement store to plant. Make it their job to water and care for their plant every day until it sprouts.
    This is a great little project that gives them something artsy to do, let’s them learn and occupies their time for days to come.
  5. Sidewalk Chalk Drawings
    Sometimes it is the classics that are the most appreciated. Sidewalk chalk is cheap, easily cleaned and allows your kids to express themselves.
    Be sure to stay close by to keep the out of the street and have a camera ready to record their art, it will be short lived.

There you have it, five easy, fun and best of all cheap activities for your kids to enjoy.

Got Twins? Let’s Talk Strollers

If you have recently been gifted with twins, congratulations. Enjoy this precious gift. As you probably realize though, there is going to be a lot of work ahead. One of the first things that you have to think about is strollers.

You basically have two choices when it comes to strollers. You can go with a side by side or an inline stroller. Both have distinct benefits and disadvantages. Here is some food for thought.

Inline strollers.

These strollers place one baby in front of another. Pretty simple, right. If you are going with car seats that can move to a stroller, inline is usually your only choice.

The advantages of the inline stroller are many.

First and foremost, it will give each baby it’s own little space. This means that if one baby is sleeping, the other one will not wake it up. That is a huge plus as twins are not always on the same page when it comes to sleep times.

Second, an inline stroller is much easier to navigate when you are out and about. It will fit through doorways much easier and will be less awkward to move around, although the turning radius will be larger.

The main disadvantage of this type of stroller is the fact that your babies are separated and twins like to be together.

Side by sides.

A side by side, as the name implies, places the babies next to each other or side by side.

The main advantage of this type of stroller is that the babies get to interact with each other. Ideally, it will help them sync up as well. Eating at the same time and, fingers crossed, sleeping at the same time.

In addition, the side by side makes it easier to tend to your babies. You can get in front of both of them at the same time to comfort feed, etc.

The downside to the side by side stroller is the width. They can be awkward and you will find that they are sometimes a tight squeeze through doorways. Most commercial doorways will be passable, although tight. Residential doorways may require you to remove the babies to pass.

Which One Is Better

The answer of which one to choose, depends on you. What do you value more, convenience or mobility?

The ideal solution would be to have one of each to pick and choose. Yes, that adds to the cost but you could always shop the used market.

What I did with my twins was have both. I bought a brand new inline stroller that worked with my car seats. That was great for shopping. Then I bought a used, side by side jogging stroller. When space was plentiful, the side by side was a dream. In addition, the soft suspension on the jogging stroller was fantastic for babies and me.