Setting Up My Craft Room

So I did a thing. Call it going “Covid Crazy” or call it “Cabin Fever” but I decided that my craft room was no longer up to snuff.

Sure, i had an old dining table and some raggedy shelves and I was making due with it. It was fine and I probably didn’t need anything more but I started thinking, is this life the new normal. If it is, and I will always be spending this much time crafting, I need more.

So I decided to upgrade. I still haven’t got my stimulus check, but I expect it any day so I just got an installment loan for 1500 dollars online. Maybe not the best choice but I know that I can pay it off right away when I get my money from the government and I am tired of waiting.

My Craft Room Upgrades

So, now that you have the background, let’s take a look at the upgrades that I made with the money. Most of them will have to do with storage and activity space but they sure have turned a drab room into a much more fun space.

Crafting Table

First off, I wanted a new craft table. The old dining table that I had been using has seen better days. It was of course covered in paint and it was a bit unsteady. I have been counting the days until it literally just falls down.

So, enter the new and improved crafting table.

New Crafting Table

This crafting table cost me just under $600 but I feel that the expense will be well worth it. A nice clean work surface that is easy to clean and plenty of storage on the side for all of my commonly used items. It has not arrived yet because of how slow Amazon is lately, darn pandemic, but it should prove worth the wait.

Shelf Space

Next, I decided to tackle my storage needs. Tired of shoe boxes full of crafting supplies being stacked in the closet, I looked for a better solution.

What I came up with was this, Kallax shelf system from Ikea.

Shelf from Ikea for crafting.

At just under 100 dollars a piece, I decided to pick up two. That and a few miscellaneous bins and storage containers to fit the shelf.

What I loved about it was the varying heights of the shelf. It not only makes it a bit more fun, but also a bit more practical. I will now have a space for craft supplies of all shapes and sizes.

The shelf is up and attached to the wall, safety first, and it looks like it should be a perfect match for the desk.

Fresh Supplies

Last but not least, I ordered an influx of new arts and craft supplies.

New art supplies

This was not a part of the original plan, but once I got my original supplies organized, I realized that I had room for oh so much more. Literally, the boxes and boxes of supplies that I had amassed over the years only filled up half of my storage space. Tough problem to have right.

So I found the kit above on sale online and picked it up. Me and the kids are super excited to get to work with it, once the craft table arrives of course.

So That Is My Thing

So, what do you think, did I go crazy? Am I insane to upgrade my crafting room during a pandemic?

Probably, but If you have read many of my other posts, you probably know that I am a bit off kilter anyway.

Anyway, thanks for reading and check back soon and see how it finally all comes together.

Stay Safe

Goofball Mommy

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