6 Inexpensive Outdoor Activities For Kids

It is finally here, warm weather, and with it comes countless opportunities for outdoor fun. Even better, most of these activities are very cheap or even free. If you are looking to give the kids some things to do without breaking the bank, I have got some great ideas for you. Take a look.

Cool kid activities

1) Bubbles

If there is one common denominator between kids it is that they all love bubbles. It is amazing how much fun they can have with just a couple dollars worth of them.

Head to the dollar store and pick up a few bottles on the cheap and then head to the backyard or the park. Even better, if you want to drop an extra 10 dollars, you can get an automatic bubble maker.

2) Sidewalk Chalk

Once a gain, the dollar store is your friend here. A couple bucks and you have enough chalk for dozens of artistic sessions.

Sidewalk chalk gives your kids an outlet that they can use to express themselves and get a little dirty in the process. Best of all, clean up just involves dusting off the kids and spraying down the sidewalk.

3) Flying A Kite

Kites are one of those timeless and cheap activities. With just a few dollars spent and some wide open spaces you can create some memories and even better, kill a lot of free time.

Want to make the event even cheaper and occupy some more of your kids time, why not make your own kites. It is much easier than you think and the kids will love flying them even better.

4) Park Hopping

If you are like most parents, you probably have a favorite park that you take your kids to. Surely your kids love it but wouldn’t something new be much appreciated?

Why not plot out several different parks and spend a few days hopping from park to park. All it costs you is a little time and maybe some gas and you will give the kids something to talk about.

5) Have A Picnic

A picnic might be a bit cheesy in your mind but to kids it is something new and exciting. Anything new is appreciated by children.

When it comes to a picnic you can do it the cheap way by packing a lunch or you can simply run through the drive through and pick up a happy meal. Then take it to a park, a nice lakeside location or even a cool courtyard in an office park.

6) Break Out The Water Guns

A water gun fight can not be underrated. Nothing is more fun for a kid than to be able to spray each other, and you with water. Plus, if things get out of hand, you get to break out the water hose and win the fight.

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