Cheap Fun With Kids

It is almost here, Summer, and while we mostly enjoy having our kids around, it gets old fast. Soon they will be driving you nuts and the cause of this is one simple thing, boredom. Prevent the kids from driving you nuts by keeping them busy.

Now, there are several ways to do that. You can spend a fortune on toys and activities or you can get a little creative. Take a look at a few simple and fun kid activities that involve no or very little money.

A kiddo fishing.

Park Hopping

You probably have a local park that you visit all the time but kids get bored of the same routine, just as you do. Instead of hitting the same old park every day, why not do a week or two of park hopping.

Choose a new park to go to each and every day. New equipment, new colors and even new kids to play with. Finding all those parks is very easy and there are two ways to do it.

First, you can look at the parks department page on your city and neighboring cities. They should list every park that they maintain.

Another option is to use Google maps. Find your location and scan for parks in the vicinity. They are typically highlighted in green so they are easy to find.

Public Libraries

During the Summer, public libraries are always hosting special events for children. This could be story time, puppet shows or similar activities. Check out all of the libraries in your city and surrounding cities and see what is going on. While you have to be a city resident to check out books, you usually do not have to reside in a city to participate in an activity.

Besides events, you can also do something novel at the library, check out books. Get your kid into reading during the Summer and actually send them back to school a little smarter.

Arts & Crafts

While not free, this can be a very cheap activity and when you consider the fun that your kids will have, it is quite a deal.

Gather a bunch of arts and craft supplies and let your kid or kids go to town creating. Shop dollar stores for glue, paints, glitter, etc. For just a few dollars in materials, you can have the base for a pretty good art kit. Add to that some cheap things around the home such as toothpicks, water bottles, paper towel holders, etc.

Once you have all of your supplies, be sure to set your kids up in an easily cleanable location. Outdoors is ideal but the kitchen table can be doable if you have cleaning supplies on hand for the almost guaranteed spill. Be prepared to handle the messes before they become permanent reminders of the day.


Another nearly free activity is fishing. Although not an activity for the very young child, if your kiddo is 6 or older, it can be a fun activity. Learn about getting your kid involved in fishing here.

Kids generally do not require a fishing license so all that you need to buy to make a fishing trip happen is a bit of fishing gear. Kids poles are very inexpensive and nearly free at used marketplaces such as Craigslist. For less than 10 dollars a child, you should be able to put together a fishing kit.

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