5 Fun Kids Activities

If you have kids, you know that part of the battle is keeping them busy. A bored kid is no good for anyone. They will just get into trouble and, quite frankly, annoy their parents to death. So, let’s keep those kids busy. Here are a few ideas to do just that.

Easy sidewalk chalk project for kids.

  1. Paper Towel Rockets
    An old paper towel tube can be the base of the rocket. Then you simply use a piece of construction paper to form the cone nose and let your kids go crazy decorating. Paint stripes, shapes or even flames on the side. Then, let them run around the house flying their new toy rocket.
    This is a great little project because it is time consuming, let’t them get out creativity and energy. To top it all off, it is cheap.
  2. Paper Plate Music Makers
    Take a paper plate and fill it with dry beans or rice. Now glue or tape another paper plate n top of it and you have music makers. This project is fun, easy and it lets your kids do one of their favorite things, make noise.
    While helping your kids make noise might not seem like the brightest moves, it has some advantages. The noise from these makers is more of a white noise and you can tune it out much easier thank many other kid sounds.
  3. Garden Stepping Stones
    On the surface, this might sound difficult, but it is not. You can find 1×1 concrete garden stepping stones for around a buck a piece at home improvement stores. You then get some basic paint and water it down a bit. Watering it down will allow it to penetrate the porous stone and leave some texture on the surface. That will make them suitable as stepping stones because they will not be slick.
    Once you have all of your supplies, simply put the kids in some old clothes and let them do their painting in the yard. They get to have fun and you get some memories for your garden.
  4. Personal Planters
    Teaching your children about the life of plants is always a great idea. Start with a custom planter. Purchase a few small Terracotta planters, some brushes and paints.
    Let your child or children paint the planter as they see fit and then, once dry, fill it with potting soil. Then allow them to choose one of several seeds from the home improvement store to plant. Make it their job to water and care for their plant every day until it sprouts.
    This is a great little project that gives them something artsy to do, let’s them learn and occupies their time for days to come.
  5. Sidewalk Chalk Drawings
    Sometimes it is the classics that are the most appreciated. Sidewalk chalk is cheap, easily cleaned and allows your kids to express themselves.
    Be sure to stay close by to keep the out of the street and have a camera ready to record their art, it will be short lived.

There you have it, five easy, fun and best of all cheap activities for your kids to enjoy.

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